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Oasis (Santiago de Cuba)

Wanna boulder Cuba? Rather carry a pad than a pack? Scared of tufas?

The best bouldering in western Cuba is at the entrance of the massive cave systems. Yes! in the shade away from the sharpening rain lies a world of flowstone sculpted by the rivers and floods. During the winter months the dry conditions make them perfect natural gyms…what am I saying? a thousand times better!!!! Sandy landings and endless problems.

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Yaro on his Eclipse (Oasis)

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El Bely en San Carlos

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Anibal in San Carlos

For a more conservative approach, check out Oasis at the other end of the island just outside Santiago. Caribbean granite boulderfields in an arid coastal area. A totally different setting than Vinales. Walking distance from the beach and minutes from one of Cuba’s great cities.

Both areas are  pretty untouched so far. The word is out!

Check it out!!!!


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Oasis (Santiago de Cuba)